7th Annual


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2003-2004 KING    GMD
2004-2005 KING    RDL
2005-2006 KING    RLH

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*** your pick will NOT appear below until all picks have been received.  Please only submit ONCE***
All picks will be posted on Friday afternoon each week.


Weekly picks will be posted below:

8 knockouts in week 1:  BJR, CES, DPK, IVP, KDP, SLS, SPL, JQD
1 knockout in week 2:  DRJ
0 knockouts in week 3
9 knockouts in week 4:  JMT, JTR, MAP, MDM, MSA, RDJ, SJK, WFM, KLP
1 knockout in week 5:  CHL
2 knockouts in week 6:  NMP, SPL
1 knockout in week 8:  RLH
4 knockouts in week 9:  BMS, ADP, LLM, RJK
6 knockouts in week 10:  ARP, BDP, DJP, JPO, MTS, VFM

2 left!!!


Init week 1 week 2 week 3 week 4 week 5 week 6 week 7 Init week 8 week 9 week 10 week 11
JLK San Diego Chargers Denver Broncos New England Dallas Tennessee Baltimore New York Giants JLK Indy Pittsburgh Seattle  
LAR Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos Indianapolis Dallas New England Baltimore Washington LAR NY Giants Pittsburgh Tennessee  



  1. Each week of the NFL season, you will pick ONE team that you think will win, regardless of any spread.

  2. Any team can be picked, BUT ONLY ONCE, so choose wisely.  You are responsible for knowing which teams you have picked.  If you accidentally pick a team twice...too bad, you are OUT!!!  During the playoffs, any team can be picked any week for as many times as you like.

  3. Each contestant gets one pick per entry fee.  Each entry fee is $20.00.  You may pay for multiple entry fee spots; however, each pick must be identified with a different set of initials.  All entry fees must be received no later than Wednesday, September 5, 2007.  There will be a 10% administration fee deducted from pot.  Mail entry fee with your name to:

    Brian DePaul
    PO Box 786
    Geneva, IL 60134

  4. All picks must be submitted by 12:00 noon CST, on each Friday prior to each NFL week (Wednesday if there's a Thursday game and you would like to select a team in that game).

  5. If your pick wins, you advance to the next week.  If your teams loses, you are OUT!  No Second Chance Picks!!!

  6. Last contestant remaining collects entire pot and official King of the Hill title.

  7. If you do NOT make your pick on time, you automatically get the away team on Monday Night Game.  If you have already used the 'away' team as an earlier pick you are disqualified and OUT!!!

  8. All picks will be posted to this website prior to kickoff of first NFL game that week. (excluding mid-week games)

  9. In the event multiple players make it to the Super Bowl, each contestant will pick the Super Bowl winner, and the total points for the game.  Winning pick and closest to exact point total wins.  All ties will be spilt evenly.

  10. If for some reason, I am not available to update website prior to NFL game, I will e-mail all contestants my pick to ensure no funny business....and I will update at first available opportunity.

  11. In the event all remaining players get knocked out in the same week, those same players are back in for the following week.  There can be only ONE King.